More Models? 2nd Conversation about the Future of Architecture Exhibitions

Veranstalter: gta Ausstellungen
Datum: Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016
Ort: ETH Hönggerberg

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016, 14–17 Uhr
ETH Hönggerberg

More Models?
2nd Conversation about the Future of Architecture Exhibitions

With Carson Chan, Tina Di Carlo, Fredi Fischli, Joseph Grima, Niall Hobhouse, Christian Kerez, Alex Lehnerer, Sandra Oehy, Niels Olsen, Gianluigi Ricuperati, Philip Ursprung and Alla Vronskaya

In October 2014 gta exhibitions organized the first conference on the future of architecture exhibitions. This year, we would like to continue the conversation. While the relation between exhibitions of art and architecture was discussed in the first meeting, we now want to raise the issue of the architecture exhibition as a medium of research. What is the place of exhibitions in the curriculum of architecture schools? What is their role in regards of teaching and research? What is their relation to other media of research and teaching, such as articles, conferences, reports and monographs? While many architects, visitors, mediators and representatives of institutions that are providing grants expect exhibitions to display results and end products, we are more interested in the presentation of speculations, guiding questions and research processes. How can exhibitions help us articulate what we don’t know rather then represent what is already known? How can the exhibition shift from a static medium of representation to a more dynamic and (self) critical device of experimentation?

The conversation coincides with the opening of an exhibition in the Main Hall of ETH Zurich. The exhibition will emphasis on the research and fabrication process of Christian Kerez’
exhibition Incidental Space in the Swiss Pavilion of International Architecture Exhibition in Venice 2016. The conference is mainly addressed to for peers who are active in the realm of architectural exhibitions, but it will also be open to students, faculty and the public. We expect brief inputs of no more than ten minutes and encourage programmatic statements and provocative speculations, which help to shape a debate. We consider this a moment of academic exchange and mutual learning and will not provide any honorarium. All the travel and accommodation expenses will be covered.

Concept Philip Ursprung, Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen